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Create & Send Accurate Quotes Online

Right inside Google Docs

Get all the convenience and power of Google Docs,
just add to accelerate your sales process.

Create error free quotes, quickly!

Pricing Table

Add discounts and taxes per line item and/or add to overall pricing directly while preparing quotes.

Catalog Management

Configure and group together frequently used products and services with custom fields.

Online Acceptance

Send quotes online for acceptance by your customers and automatically publish changes to it.

Document Discussion

Your customers can comment on shared documents and you can reply back inside Google Docs.

Content Library

Save reusable material in content library and prepare quotes even faster than before.

Template Support

Quickly replace customer specific details in your templates or theme your pricing table.

Quote Pricing Table

Error free pricing

Automatic pricing calculations including taxes and discounts.

Say goodbye to Spreadsheets formulae and calculators.

Get flexibility with your pricing and offers using line item based or package discounts and taxes.

Personalize services

Manage unique combinations of products and services in catalog folders that deliver exactly what your buyers need.

Generate best mix of product and services to solve customer's problem from catalog directly while creating quotes.

Increase deal value by grouping upsell and cross-sell opportunities together in catalog.

Catalog Management
QuoteBee sidebar

Fast track deals

Quickly prepare proposals with reusable content from library.

Send documents online and get notified everytime document is opened, commented, or accepted.

Follow-up at the right time and close deals even faster.

Connect to QuickBooks

Look up QuickBooks contacts while sending quotes online.

Add products from QuickBooks inventory to Quote table with pricing information.

Create invoices in QuickBooks from your proposals prepared in Google Docs.

QuickBooks integration

How it works

  1. CONFIGURE PRODUCTS & SERVICES - Catalog management feature can be used to define and store frequently used items (products and services) to reuse them directly while preparing quote. Learn more
  2. AUTOMATIC PRICING CALCULATIONS - Visual pricing table editor to help you to create and add quote pricing tables in Google Document with automatic tax and discount calculations. Learn more
  3. CLOSE DEALS ONLINE - QuoteBee helps you share your quotes and proposals prepared in Google Docs with your customers for online acceptance or discussion. Learn more

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